Business and Commercial Litigation

Whether you are initiating legal action or being sued, whether you are protecting the company or your own interests, The Snell Law Firm, PLLC has the combination of business savvy and civil litigation experience either to compromise or engage in a fight, as may be appropriate.

We provide plaintiff and defense counsel in business litigation to a wide range of clients in Austin and throughout greater Texas. Our experienced litigators represent business entities and individual stakeholders in resolving any type of corporate or commercial dispute, including:

  • Contract disputes
  • Internal disputes among partners and shareholders
  • Business dissolution
  • Business torts (unfair competition, fraud, defamation)
  • Business transaction litigation
  • Judgments, liens and collections

We also represent businesses in disputes with construction contractors, as owners or tenants in commercial lease disputes, as bankruptcy debtors or creditors, and in commercial mortgage workouts or foreclosure.


Business Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our trial lawyers are not afraid to go to court, but we do not charge blindly into litigation when the alternatives will accomplish a similar or better result without the risk and expense. We explore all avenues to resolve disputes efficiently and cost-effectively, but we will file suit or defend our clients at trial when prudent or necessary.

Direct negotiation or threat of legal action may spur a mutually agreeable settlement. We can also advise clients in mediation or arbitration of business disputes. As a last resort, we will take your case to a judge or jury in lawsuits for damages or injunctive relief.


Contract Dispute Attorneys

If another party has failed to fulfill its contractual obligations, what are your options? How do you respond if your company is sued for breach of contract? The Snell Law Firm, PLLC routinely resolves and litigates contract disputes in the business world.

We provide plaintiff and defense counsel to companies large and small, and we have handled every breach of contract scenario:

  • Contracts with customers for goods or services
  • Disputes with vendors and suppliers
  • Contracting for services
  • Contracts and transactions governed by the¬†Uniform Commercial Code
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Commercial construction litigation
  • Violation of licensing agreements

Solutions and Strength in Contract Litigation

We have litigated major cases in which enforcing the contract is crucial to continued operation of the company. We have likewise defended against breach of contract lawsuits that potentially exposed our clients to large damage awards. The Snell Law Firm, PLLC can handle complex litigation involving security interests, warranties, intellectual property rights, allegations of fraud and other complicating factors.

We realize that most contract disputes are not a make-or-break proposition. The amount of money in dispute may be too large to simply write off or pay up but not worth a protracted legal fight. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who can work with the other party or its counsel to find acceptable middle ground. We can also advise clients entering mediation or arbitration, such as for binding arbitration clauses in the contract itself.

When out-of-court avenues are exhausted, we are prepared to go to trial if we determine you are on solid legal ground and if it makes sense for the bottom line of your company. We can pursue damages or specific performance (compelling the other party to live up to the contract).

Partners and Guides for Continued Success

We are known for creative, cost-effective solutions that foster long-term success. We anticipate issues clients may not have considered and explore the advantages and pitfalls of each option. We partner closely with clients to help them make informed decisions to protect the goodwill, bottom line, and future prospects of the company.

If you are struggling with an business legal issue, the time to act is now. It is important that you get professional representation on your side to help protect your rights. Take the time today to call our office and set up a free consultation with one of our experienced business litigation attorneys in Austin. Call us at 512.477.5291.