Construction Law

Construction is one of the most litigious areas of the law. The Snell Law Firm, PLLC provides industry-savvy counsel to protect clients on the front end in contracts and development and represents any party in resolution of disputes after the fact. Our attorneys bring years of focused experience in construction law and litigation. We advise and represent general contractors and subcontractors, design professionals and suppliers, developers, lenders and property owners.

We have litigated claims in both courts and arbitrations involving compensation for “extra work,” defective construction, defective building products, statutory and contractual warranty claims, delay damages, mechanic’s liens, insurance issues and indemnification. In doing so, we have established relationships with individuals and firms who assist its attorneys, where necessary, as expert witnesses.

Based in Austin, we can tackle any construction-related matter for clients in Austin and greater Texas. Arrange a consultation today.


Experienced Construction Defect Attorney

Jason W. Snell has long practiced in construction law and has handled a wide range of construction defect cases:

  • Water intrusion, leaks and mold
  • Structural defects (foundation, walls, roof)
  • Soil erosion or settling/sinking
  • Sewage and drainage issues
  • Electrical or plumbing problems
  • Unacceptable craftsmanship (cabinetry, counters, ceilings, etc.)
  • Non-performance
  • Construction delays
  • Cost overruns
  • Failure to disclose known defects (misrepresentation claims)

We handle cases involving new construction or remodeling work, as well as claims of pre-existing defects. These pre-existing defect claims may include misrepresentation by sellers of real property (through failing to disclose known defects).

On behalf of owners, we pursue action against all parties who bear responsibility for the defects (general contractor, subcontractors, architects, engineers and/or material suppliers). We obtain relief, either in the form of repairs to the defects, or a money judgment to cover the cost of repairs.

There are strict limits on the period of time in which you must pursue construction defect claims, and failure to pursue your claims within those limits can result in all of your claims being barred. Therefore, if you have any questions about construction defects, call us at 512.477.5291 to explore your case in an initial consultation.


Mechanic’s Liens

At The Snell Law Firm, PLLC, we understand that contractors, builders, developers, and financiers are all interdependent. Each depends upon the others for construction to be undertaken and completed. And we understand that delays or disputes, especially on big projects, can have a serious impact on the ability of the involved companies to stay in business.

Our firm represents all parties in construction and mechanic’s lien matters. We have litigated construction claims in Austin, Travis County, and statewide in Texas. Contact us today for fast action and experienced representation.

We represent all parties in mechanic’s lien litigation, whether from commercial or residential construction or remodeling:

  • General contractors not paid by the owner or developer
  • Subcontractors, material suppliers and design professionals owed money by the GC or by the owner directly
  • Owners who are withholding payment because of a dispute
  • Lenders asserting priority status over mechanic’s liens

We are experienced and aggressive in perfecting and foreclosing liens against the property to compel payment. Jason W. Snell has extensive experience in construction law and litigation, and he will follow through to obtain and enforce judgments for non-payment. While we are fully prepared to foreclose liens, we also strive for settlement where appropriate to best protect our clients’ interests.

In representing owners, we will fight a mechanic’s lien when there is a legitimate dispute over construction defects, cost overruns, unreasonable delays, project abandonment or other breach of contract.

To file or fight a mechanic’s lien, call our Austin law office at 512.477.5291 for an initial consultation.