Austin Court of Appeals Affirms Judgment Obtained by The Snell Law Firm

On April 27, 2017, the Third District Court of Appeals upheld a final judgment obtained by The Snell Law Firm in a property easement dispute. Our clients have found relief after a two year battle with their neighbors. The clients’ homestead relies on a well that offers them their only source of potable water, but the well resides on the Defendants’ property. Despite the fact that our clients have an “irrevocable, exclusive, perpetual easement” to use the well, the neighbors attempted to withhold this source of water from our clients and their family.

The Snell Law Firm initially successfully settled the case, which obligated the neighbors to sell the property where the well resides. The neighbors, however, breached the mediated settlement agreement, which resulted in two arbitration hearings, and a final trial on the merits in Travis County District Court.  Chief Justice Rose and Justices Goodwin and Bourland affirmed the District Court’s ruling in favor of the The Snell Law Firm’s clients.

The Court’s opinion can be accessed here.

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